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   Senior photos are due by Dec. 15th.

   Ads are due by Jan 20th.

   Senior Group photo will be taken on Friday Oct 19th at Raven Run.  Vo Tech students must report to SV at 8 am and eveyone will take the bus to Raven Run. No exceptions.  There will be bus transportation back to Vo Tech after the photo. 

    There are many previous yearbooks for sale.  See Mrs. Hixson in the Virtual Academy or email her at

SV Torch

The Torch

This year is the 90th anniversary of the very first SV newspaper, The Torch.  SV students have taken on the task of reviving the newspaper for the world to see.  Stay tuned for frequent updates as the students begin the task of rebuilding the SV Torch.

Click below to view the student's hard work.


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Mrs. Linda Hixson