Drama Club

Creative Team:

Director/Music Director: Wendy Nicodemus

Production Director/Advisor - Tori Correll 

Lighting Design: Lindsey Zackaravage

Assistant Stage Manager/Advisor - Alexandra Miller

Technology: Russ Schmack

Student Officers: 

President: Abby Conroy

Vice President:  Jackie Bubnis 

Secretary: Megan Bell

Treasurer:  Kaitlyn Carduff 

Historian: Lena Bell and Sydney Labosky 

Contact: svdcadvisors@gmail.com 

Follow us:

Facebook: @svdramaclub

Twitter: @_svdc_

Instagram: @svdramaclub

Snapchat: svdramaclub


Shenandoah Valley Drama Club 2019-20


At a recent meeting of the Shenandoah Valley Drama Club, elections were held to select officers to provide the leadership for the 2019-2020 school year. Shown are the officers selected along with their advisers. Front Row L-R:  Lena Bell-Co-Historian (Junior), Sydney Labosky- Co-Historian (Sophomore), Abby Conroy- President (Senior), Jackie Bubnis - Vice President (Junior), & Megan Bell – Secretary (Junior). Middle Row: Joseph Paulino – Junior Historian (8th grade), Skyelee McGowan – Student Director (Junior), Kaitlyn Carduff – Treasurer (Junior), Jacob Coolbaugh- Junior Secretary (7th grade). Back Row: Lindsey Zackaravage – Lighting Director/Advisor, Wendy Nicodemus – Music Director/Head Advisor, Tori Correll- Production Director/Advisor, Alexandra Miller- Assistant Stage Manager/Advisor.

The Shenandoah Valley Drama Club has 62 members composed of students from grades 7-12. This year’s musical production of “Sweet Charity” will be performed the weekend of April 24-26. “Sweet Charity” is famous for big musical hits such as “Hey Big Spender” “If My Friends Can See Me Now” & the “Rhythm of Life”. Choreography will be crafted in the remembrance of the great Bob Fosse. Sweet Charity is a statement of a generation in entertainment.