Athletic Hall of Fame

Shenandoah Valley Dedicates its Sports Hall of Fame in Memory of Dr. Stanley Rakowsky

    Prior to the start of the memorial walk to honor the late Dr. Stanley Rakowsky, members of his family and employees of the Shenandoah Valley School District gathered to formally dedicate the Shenandoah Valley Athletic Hall of Fame located in the lobby outside the high school gymnasium. The Sports Hall of Fame   emerged from an idea conceived by Dr. Rakowsky to   formally recognize the most outstanding athletes to have ever played or coached a Blue Devil team.

Shown in the photo foreground L-R: Patti Chesla, Leslee Dreisbach, Meg Bzura, & Renee Buchanan. Back row: Ian McCole who was the first student to become the recipient of the Dr. Stanley Rakowsky Scholar Athlete  Memorial Award, Michelle Smarkanic, Larry Rakowsky, and Dave Lukashunas.    


CLASS OF 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees


                            2018 Induction Class Shenandoah Valley Hall of Fame

   L-R: John Brennan Co-Athletic Director, Ed Kubilis SV Class of 1993, SV Superintendent Brian Waite, accepting for Chris Palubinsky SV Class of 2013 is his sister Allison Rizzo & her son Luca, & his brother Mark with his son Mason, James & Rene Reese who accepted a posthumous award for their son Michael Reese SV Class of 2007, School Board President Dan Salvadore, Nick Reese, Gina Manbeck SV Class of 2006, & Co-Athletic Director Jeff Maksimik.


Shenandoah Valley Athletic Hall of Fame


     The inaugural class of the Shenandoah Valley Athletic Hall of Fame (Hall) was the class of 2007. Initiated by Shenandoah Valley School District (SVSD) Board of Education (Board) and developed by Superintendent Dr. Stanley G. Rakowsky along with athletic directors John Brennan and Jeff Maksimik, the Hall was established with a singular purpose. That guiding principle of this autonomous (albeit Board approved entity) is to recognize and honor players, coaches, teams and other individuals and or groups who have made significant contributions to promote SVSD athletics since the inception of the District in 1968.

    Induction into the Hall begins with the name of an individual being submitted on an official nominating form (ONF) to the SVHS athletic office. Nominations are accepted beginning December 1st with the last date being March 31st. These NF are available in the SVSD athletics office or online at Nomination Form.

    Once all nominees have been properly certified, a ballot is prepared. Voting by mail for nominees is done by the 31 member Selection Committee (SC).

    This ballot contains the names of newly nominated persons as well as nominees who were not elected the previous year. Nominee names appearing on a minimum of sixty percent (60%) of the ballots cast by the SC are certified as the Current Induction Class (CIC).

    Nominees failing to be chosen for two (2) consecutive years are dropped from the ballot. The only exception to this is a one (1) time review by the Special Inductee Review Committee (SIRC) where the 60% threshold is raised to 75% required for selection. Further reconsideration can only come through being renominated.

    The annual induction is scheduled in conjunction with the first home football game. Unless excused for extenuating circumstances, living inductees must be represented. Failure to attend or be represented at the annual induction will result in the candidate being barred from consideration for a period of 10 years.


Ron Barlow '74 Athlete
Mike Cadau '85 Athlete
Joe Jacavage '69 Athlete
Fred Kushwarra '76 Athlete
Kelly Murray '02 Athlete
Dr. John Mika Team Physician
Frank Ulicny Athletic Director

Ginny Achiewicz '84 Athlete
Coach Jack Babinchak
Coach Len Ciszek
Coach Bill "Babe" Conroy
Mike Pladus '76 Athlete

Brian Bender '98 Athlete
Coach Paul Brutto 

"Albie" Drumheller '89 Athlete
Joe Ruth '87 & Coach
Nick Sajone '98 Athlete & Coach
Gene Sinkus Athletic Trainer

John Curry ‘98 Athlete
Jack Meluskey ‘87 Athlete
Peter Ulicny ‘73 Athlete

Joe Domozik ’69 Athlete & Coach
Scott Grochowski ’98 Athlete
Frank Kacilowicz’75 Athlete & Coach
Anthony Kilker ‘86 Athlete

Edward Macknis  '65  Assistant Coach  
Mickey Kohan Coach
Mike Malinowski Athlete
Bob Roncek Coach
Gerald Williams  '69  Athlete 
76- 77 Boys Basketball Team 

Mick Jacavage  '89  Athlete & Assistant Coach 
John Cooper  '71  Athlete 
Mark Kowalonek  '74  Athlete 
Randy Maksimik  '97  Athlete & Assistant Coach 
Natalie Testin Tracey  '80  Athlete 
1983-84 Sun Devils/Coach Bob Yudinsky 

Bill Murphy  '75 Athlete 
Bill Sherakas  '82 Athlete 
1992 Blue Devil Football Team 


Jamie Krusinsky '98 Athlete 

Dr. Jodi Piekarski Loughlin  '89 Athlete

Ryan Sands '00 Athlete 

Shaina Whitecavage '03 Athlete 

1996 Blue Devil Football Team 


Marie (Michalik) Rosahac ’90 

Mike Creasy ’82 Athlete

Steve Karvois ’83 Athlete

Edward McCole ’71 

Edward Barlow ’75)

Albert Sands ’70 

Dominique Stasulli ’09 Athlete


Joseph Katulis '98​ Athlete 

​John Katulis  '94 Athlete

John Williams '74 Athlete 


Jack Moyer '81 Athlete 

Edward Kubilis '93 Athlete  
Gina Manbeck '06 Athlete

Christopher Palubinsky  '13 Athlete 

 Michael Reese '07 Athlete