Jr/Sr High School Principal and Vice Principal


Jr/Sr High School Principal: Mr. Stuart Tripler

Jr/Sr High School Assistant Principal:  Mr. John Brennan

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   College Board- Practice and sign up for the SATs

IXL:  used for math practice 

 Practice Driving Test:  Use to prepare for your learners permit 


Daily Announcements

Sophomores and Juniors that are interested in Business can apply for the PA Free Enterprise Week Summer Program. More information and applications can be found in the guidance office.  


SV Students have gone digital and published the first version of the school newspaper in many years, The Torch. This year is actually the 90th Anniversary of the very first Torch!   

Check it out at www.svtorch.wordpress.com

Tutoring is available from 3 to 4 pm Monday through Thursday in the Virtual Academy. See Mrs. Hixson, Mrs. Mikita or Miss McCloskey for a sign up form. You MUST bring work to do. You MUST have a ride home by 4:00.

Seniors can apply for the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship. Apply online at reaganfoundation.org/scholarships or stop in guidance for more information.  


Seniors can apply for the Flavorful Futures scholarship. Visitwww.flavorfulfutures.com for more information and to apply. Deadline is Feb. 15th, 2019. 

Jr/ Sr High Faculty and Staff


Linda Dove: Student Affairs Clerk  dovel@svbluedevils.org  ​  

Sue Swearhart: District Registration Secretary   sweas@svbluedevils.org

Anne Kayes: Data Entry  kayea@svbluedevils.org

Marion Moyer: Child Accounting Secretary  moyem@svbluedevils.org
Kelly Savakinas: District Special Education Secretary  savak@svbluedevils.org

English Department:   

Judi Ashford   ashj@svbluedevils.org

Anne Taylor   tayla@svbluedevils.org

Robin Recek  recer@svbluedevils.org

Tiffany Barbuti  barbt@svbluedevils.org

Kevin Keating  keatk@svbluedevils.org
Megan Mehalick  meham@svbluedevils.org


History Department:
Chris Conroy    conrc@svbluedevils.org
Mike Elchisak elchm@svbluedevils.org  

Tom Lauta   lautt@svbluedevils.org
Anthony Pytko  pytka@svbluedevils.org  Class Website 


Mathematics Department:   

William Cuff   cuffw@svbluedevils.org 

Judy Demalis   demaj@svbluedevils.org

Noelle Stidham  lesin@svbluedevils.org 

Luke Morgan   morglu@svbluedevils.org 

Eric Croll   crole@svbluedevils.org 


Science Department:
Christine Horwhat   horwc@svbluedevils.org

Robert Krash   krasr@svbluedevils.org
Jeff Maksimik   maksj@svbluedevils.org

Pam Schumack   schup@svbluedevils.org

Russ Schumack   schur@svbluedevils.org

Language:  Shawn Novatka   novas@svbluedevils.org                   

Art:  William Kreiger   kreiw@svbluedevils.org

Music: John Shoener    shoej@svbluedevils.org  Class Website

Physical Education: Richard Werner   wernr@svbluedevils.org
Technology: Linda Hixson   hixsl@svbluedevils.org 

Special Education:                         

Lori Hess   hessl@svbluedevils.org 

Gloria Laudeman   laudg@svbluedevils.org 

Coleen McGuire   mcguc@svbluedevils.org
Amanda McCloskey   mccla@svbluedevils.org
Sarah Lesisko    lesis@svbluedevils.org                                               


Business Education:  

Jason Gunoskey     gunoj@svbluedevils.org  


Deb Stivers   stiversd@svbluedevils.org
Jessica Kowalchick   kowaj@svbluedevils.org  Class Website

Gifted: Jessica Kowalchick   kowaj@svbluedevils.org  Class Website              

School Psychologist:  Lesley Matus   matul@svbluedevils.org 

Guidance:  Melissa Mikita   kayem@svbluedevils.org                         

Testing Coordinator: Val Chittalia   chitv@svbluedevils.org