Elementary Principal and Vice Principal

Mrs. Brooke Wowak



Elementary Principal/Federal Programs Coordinator


Ms. Lesley Matus


Elementary Vice Principal/School Psychologist  

Elementary Information



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Daily Announcements

Positive Behavior and Intervention Support Guide

2019-20 School Calendar


  • 5th and 6th graders that are interested in joining band, there will be an Instrument Rental Night this Thursday at 7 PM in the HS Band Room.  Please bring your parents to this meeting.  If you cannot make this meeting, please contact Mr. Shoener.
  • The SMILE program will take place all this week. 
  • Any staff member that did not receive a parking pass for the 2019-2020 school year, please see Meg in the District Office. 
  •  The Shenandoah Valley School District’s Complimentary “Lifetime” sports passes are now available in the District Office. Individuals who are retired and are 62 years old or not retired but are age 65 or older and are a resident of the District are eligible for the pass. Identification required.

 Thought of the day:  

“Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time, to figure out whether you like it or not. 

- Virgil Garnett Thomas

Elementary Faculty and Staff



Miss Dana Sobinsky  - sobid@svbluedevils.org

Mrs. Kate Snitzer  - snitka@svbluedevils.org                                                                    

Mrs. Colleen Stauffer - 4K-1   stauc@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Kim Wargo - 4K-2   wargk@svbluedevils.org

Ms. Saray Kelly - 4K-3   kells@svbluedevils.org

Ms. Chantelle Neupauer  -K-1 neupch@svbluedevils.org
Ms. Molly Maloney - K-2   malom@svbluedevils.org
Ms. Amanda Garber  - K-3  garbm@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Darlene Rakus - K-4   rakud@svbluedevils.org

Grade 1
​Ms. Julie Fufla - 1-1   fuflj@svbluedevils.org   

Mrs. Danielle Pasechnick - 1-2   pased@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Kelly Spock - 1-3   spock@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Nanette Lauta - 1-4   lautn@svbluedevils.org

Grade 2
 Mr. Stanley Cieniawa 2-1   ciens@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Nina Delluso - 2-2   delln@svbluedevils.org   
 Miss Angela Miller - 2-3   millan@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Sheena Micklo -2-4  micks@svbluedevils.org                                 

 Grade 3
 Mrs. Melissa Wentz  - 3-1  wentm@svbluedevils.org  
 Mrs. Amber Buehler - 3-2   
 Mrs. Roxann Gervalis - 3-3   gervr@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Teressa Zendrosky - 3-4   zendt@svbluedevils.org

 Grade 4
 Mr. Mike Murtin - 4-1   murtm@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Joanne Cieniawa - 4-2   cienj@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Karen Sugrue - 4-3   sugrk@svbluedevils.org

 Grade 5
 Mrs. Kelly Getz  - 5-1   
 Mrs. Kayla  Grutza- 5-2  donak@svbluedevils.org
 Ms. Ashley Maurer - 5-3   maura@svbluedevils.org

Grade 6
Mrs. Kelly Tinari - 6-1   tinak@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Michelle Klingerman - 6-2    klinm@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Misty Rakus - 6-3   rakum@svbluedevils.org 

Guidance Counselor:  Mrs. Michele Baranowski   baram@svbluedevils.org

STEM:    Mrs. Angie Brayford   braya@svbluedevils.org 


Mrs. Melissa Malloy   mallm@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Deb Stivers   stiversd@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Diann Belsak   belsd@svbluedevils.org 

Instrumental Music/Band:  Mr. John Shoener  shoej@svbluedevils.org 

Health and Physical Education

Ms. Jamie Buriak   burij@svbluedevils.org                                                  


Title I
Mrs. Jessica Fryer   fryej@svbluedevils.org
Ms. Alison Semanchik  semaa@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Karen Cicioni   cicik@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Jill Chowanes   chowj@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Debbie Kessler   kessde@svbluedevils.org

Speech and Language Pathology
Mrs. Dawn Weinrich   wenrda@svbluedevils.org


Mrs. Heather Smalley   smalh@svbluedevils.org

Behavior Interventionist

Mr. Sean Lyons    lyonss@svbluedevils.org 

Mrs. Joan Matta​  mattj@svbluedevils.org

Autistic Support Classroom

Mrs. Melissa Troutman 

Hearing Impaired Classroom

Mrs. Lisa Reidler 

Special Education
Mrs. Angie Huben   hubea@svbluedevils.org
Miss Angel VanBlargan  vanba@svbluedevils.org

Mrs. Barbara Cuff   cuffb@svbluedevils.org                                                                  

Mrs. Michelle Brochyus   brocm@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Karen Possessky   posk@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Jamie  Houseknecht    barlj@svbluedevils.org
Miss Maricia Buhl​   buhlm@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Kassandra  Stewart   blewk@svbluedevils.org