Elementary Principal and Vice Principal

Mrs. Brooke Wowak



Elementary Principal/Federal Programs Coordinator


Ms. Lesley Matus


Elementary Vice Principal/School Psychologist  

Elementary Information



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Daily Announcements


  • Best of Luck to our Students PSSA testing. Just a reminder to get a good night’s rest, eat breakfast, and arrive at school on time.  


  • Tomorrow will be an early dismissal. Students will be dismissed at 12:30 p.m. Students who eat at the last lunch will be dismissed from Cafeteria. Please send those students to lunch with all belongings. 


Thought of the day:         

“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” 

– Norman Vincent Peale 

April Calendar


4K and Kindergarten registrations will be held on Monday, March 18, 2019 and Monday, May  13, 2019  between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. by appointment only. Please call 570-462-2796 to schedule appointment. A completed packet, 3 proofs of residency, child’s birth certificate, and child’s updated immunizations are required for registration.

Elementary Faculty and Staff



Miss Dana Sobinsky  - sobid@svbluedevils.org

Mrs. Kate Snitzer  - snitka@svbluedevils.org                                                                    

Mrs. Colleen Stauffer - 4K-1   stauc@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Kim Wargo - 4K-2   wargk@svbluedevils.org

Ms. Saray Kelly - 4K-3   kells@svbluedevils.org

Mrs. Lousie Tomtishen - K-1   tomtl@svbluedevils.org
Ms. Molly Maloney - K-2   malom@svbluedevils.org
Ms. Amanda Garber  - K-3  garbm@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Darlene Rakus - K-4   rakud@svbluedevils.org

Grade 1
​Ms. Julie Fufla - 1-1   fuflj@svbluedevils.org   

Mrs. Danielle Pasechnick - 1-2   pased@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Kelly Spock - 1-3   spock@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Nanette Lauta - 1-4   lautn@svbluedevils.org

Grade 2
 Mr. Stanley Cieniawa 2-1   ciens@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Nina Delluso - 2-2   delln@svbluedevils.org   
 Miss Angela Miller - 2-3   millan@svbluedevils.org

 Grade 3
 Mrs. Melissa Wentz  - 3-1  wentm@svbluedevils.org  
 Mrs. Kelly Getz- 3-2   getzk@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Roxann Gervalis - 3-3   gervr@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Teressa Zendrosky - 3-4   zendt@svbluedevils.org

 Grade 4
 Mr. Mike Murtin - 4-1   murtm@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Joanne Cieniawa - 4-2   cienj@svbluedevils.org
 Mrs. Karen Sugrue - 4-3   sugrk@svbluedevils.org

 Grade 5
 Mrs. Angie Brayford - 5-1   braya@svbluedevils.org
 Ms. Kayla Donatti - 5-2  donak@svbluedevils.org
 Ms. Ashley Maurer - 5-3   maura@svbluedevils.org

 Grade 6
Mrs. Kelly Tinari - 6-1   tinak@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Michelle Klingerman - 6-2    klinm@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Misty Rakus - 6-3   rakum@svbluedevils.org 

Guidance Counselor:  Mrs. Michele Baranowski   baram@svbluedevils.org

Computers:   Mrs. Melissa Malloy   mallm@svbluedevils.org

Mrs. Deb Stivers   stiversd@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Diann Belsak   belsd@svbluedevils.org 

Ms. Chantelle Neupauer   neupch@svbluedevils.org

Instrumental Music/Band:  Mr. John Shoener  shoej@svbluedevils.org

Health and Physical Education

Ms. Jamie Buriak   burij@svbluedevils.org                                                  


Title I
Mrs. Jessica Fryer   fryej@svbluedevils.org
Ms. Alison Semanchik  semaa@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Karen Cicioni   cicik@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Jill Chowanes   chowj@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Debbie Kessler   kessde@svbluedevils.org

Speech and Language Pathology
Mrs. Dawn Weinrich   wenrda@svbluedevils.org


Mrs. Heather Smalley   smalh@svbluedevils.org

Behavior Interventionist

Mr. Sean Lyons    lyonss@svbluedevils.org 

Mrs. Joan Matta​  mattj@svbluedevils.org

Special Education
Mrs. Sheena Micklo   micks@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Angie Huben   hubea@svbluedevils.org
Miss Angel VanBlargan  vanba@svbluedevils.org

Mrs. Barbara Cuff   cuffb@svbluedevils.org                                                                  

Mrs. Michelle Brochyus   brocm@svbluedevils.org
Mrs. Karen Possessky   posk@svbluedevils.org
Miss Jamie Barlow   barlj@svbluedevils.org
Miss Maricia Buhl​   buhlm@svbluedevils.org
Ms. Kassandra Blew  blewk@svbluedevils.org