Penn State Schuylkill Math tutoring services available via phone. 

Any senior who attended Child Development can apply for the Paul Franks Memorial Award. Applications are available in the guidance office.

Senior students pursing Art, Architecture or a related field can apply for the Kalnoski Memorial Scholarship. Applications can be found in the guidance office. 

Seniors who are continuing their education in business administration can apply for the Mid-East Chapter of PASBO. Applications packets are available in the guidance office.

Seniors can apply for the Flavorful Futures scholarship. Visit for more information and to apply. Deadline is Feb. 15th, 2019. 

   Shenandoah Valley Successful Student Partnership Tutoring is now underway.  Please see Mrs. Hixson in the Virtual Academy or Mrs. Mikita for a sign up form.  Form

   Students in grades 5-12 who have engaged in a volunteer activity can apply for the Prudential Spirit of Community   wards  program. Application information can be found in the guidance office or at

   Seniors who play sports can apply for the Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship. Apply online at or stop in guidance for more information.

   5th through 8th graders can submit entries for the Elks Lodge Americanism Essay Contest. Criteria can be found in the guidance office.

   Students in 6th-8th grade can enter the Elks Drug Awareness Essay Contest. More information can be found in the guidance office.

   Seniors can apply for the Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship. Apply online at

   High School seniors who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree, have critical financial need and involvement in extracurricular activities can apply for the Horatio Alger Scholarship. Apply online   at or stop in guidance.

   Students in grades 6-12 interested in starting a real business or social movement can enroll in the Young Entrepreneurs   Academy or YEA program. Scholarships are available for Shenandoah Valley students and free transportation is also   provided.  See Mrs. Mikita for more information about this exciting program.  

Seniors who have participated in at least two SKIP cleanups can apply for the SKIP Scholarship. Students must see Mrs. Mikita for an application.

Seniors who had a parent or grandparent work for the Walkin Shoe Company can apply for the Snayberger Memorial Foundation Scholarship. More details can be found in the guidance office.

The Schuylkill Area Community Foundation offers various scholarships to Shenandoah Valley students. Some of these scholarships include the Ryan Stankavage, Pfluger-Przybylik, John Rich Curran, Bloomsburg and Trade School Fred Smith and the Rhoades Foundation scholarships. Copies are now available in the guidance office. Please read the criteria for each one and only take copies of scholarships that you are eligible for. You can also visit for applications.


Financial Aid/Scholarship Information

Use the following links to find information

Finaid - The Smart Guide to Financial Aid
Blackexcel -  College Help Network 
Scholarships - Find Scholarships for College
College Net - Find a Scholarship
College Apps - Admissions information
Careers and Colleges - Search colleges, careers and scholarships
Next Step U - College and Scholarship Search - Schuylkill Area Community Foundation
Fast Web -  Scholarship search
College Board - CSS/Profile
Direct Loans - Government Loans
Free Application for Federal Student Aid - FASFA 

In Partnership with the Maguire Foundation: Pennsylvania Society Scholarship


ACT/SAT Resources


​​Use the following links to find information
     SAT - College Board
     ACT - ACT Student
     ACT  Question of the Day


Talent Search


Talent Search

     This program is designed for post-secondary readiness. It is under the supervision of (To Be Announced) . Visit Talent Search for more information.