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   The Shenandoah Valley School District believes that student learning should not be confined to the classroom or limited to the normal school day. Opportunities for learning should be available at all times and in many ways. The district also aims to meet the needs of students and parents that desire  to pursue an educational route that could be considered non-traditional but is becoming more prevalent as technology provides additional options for  student learning. The on-line courses supervised by Shenandoah Valley Staff will offer options for students while maintaining the integrity of the  curriculum our students have come to expect, thus all district students will have the opportunity to complete a rigorous education that meets the individual needs of its students.

   The SV Virtual Academy will aim to leverage technology to make education more relevant, more efficient, and more effective. The Academy will offer students power to choose between face to face instruction and individual digital instruction and or a hybrid model.

   The Academy will integrate teacher-proven instructional strategies with today’s technology to equip students with the skills they need in the global marketplace. Our approach to next generation learning will allow middle and high school students to learn independently, while enjoying lesson support  provided by a group of Shenandoah Valley dedicated, highly qualified teachers.


About the SV Virtual Academy


  The Shenandoah Valley School District is a member of VLN Partners.  They have a network of available coursework that is designed by accredited teachers and follows the guidelines of the Pennsylvania academic standards.  Since the District has access to all of the content on that network, these courses will be the primary on-line curriculum of the District. The District will not provide financially for other on-line courses.

Goals of Virtual Learning:

   Expand the educational opportunities for the Shenandoah Valley School District students and residents in a financially  responsible manner through Virtual  Learning.

   Enhance Shenandoah Valley School District’s curricular and non-credit course offerings by providing courses which are part of the  regular course schedule. These  courses may require teaching expertise not found in the Shenandoah Valley School District or  appeal to a limited audience.

   Provide prerequisite courses for programs for populations too small to justify regular course offerings.

   Provide access to college courses through alternative delivery methods in order to offer educational opportunities to students  unable to meet a regular class  schedule.

   Provide educational opportunities to extended home bound, expelled*, health impaired or incarcerated students.

   Provide professional development opportunities to faculty and staff.

   All Virtual Learning activities must be in accordance with Pennsylvania laws and Shenandoah Valley School District guidelines.


The SVVA delivers courses ranging from remedial to AP to the following groups:

    Full Time Virtual Students 
    Home Schooled Students 
    Traditional Students Seeking Advancement 
    Credit Recovery Students 
    Alternative Education Students
    Home Bound Students

Enrollment:  Any resident of the Shenandoah Valley School District, under the age of 21, can enroll free of charge in SVVA.  Once enrolled, you will be considered a student of the Shenandoah Valley School District and will be subject to the policies of the  District.  


Contact Information



      Mrs. Linda Hixson:  OPC (Online Primary Contact)  (570) 462-1957

      Mr. Brian Waite:  Superintendent (570) 462-1936



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